Kindness is a staple in the rodeo community and we really felt that on Friday night during performance #4 as a few of the CFR45 qualifiers read off statements they live by.

“Live every day with courage, live every day with pride.”
“Finish what you’ve started.”
“Know what has to be done.”
“If you make a promise, keep it.”
“Be tough, but be fair.”

Fans have also been writing down what they have done or seen others do in the way of kindness throughout the week of the CFR. here are just a few #RodeoActsOfKindness #ChattersHairSalon #CFR45 that we have collected throughout the week.

“Staff Usher Keith always finding answers to our questions & a great smile!”

“Giving food to food bank & helping seniors load groceries into their car.”

“Pick up man filling in for Gary Rempel –Tyler Kraft.”

“Treated my husband to a weekend in Red Deer for the CFR!”

“Assisting 37 seniors to get to the CFR!”

“Sharing space and pens with Westerner Park’s Marketing team!” Colleen at Visit Red Deer

“Nanna babysat so a young mother could go to Rodeo!”

“Held the door for the elderly.”

“Helping our seniors to the Costco liquor store!”

“Donated Buckles for each round winner.” –boys steer riding parents

“For all the work and effott put into the 1st Junior Canadian Finals Rodeo, Rising Stars!”

“Carried my suitcase down 6 steps at the Quality Inn – Thanks!!” –Housekeeper

“Fostering Kittens.” –Crowe family

“A man bought the whole beverage line up a drink!”

“Great rodeo volunteers helped us find our seats.”

“Filling in for injured pick up man.” -Resch Brother

“The lovely lady next to me let me borrow her rodeo book!”

“Guys helping the young steer riders out.”

“Brought someone new to CFR.”

More to come…

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