NOV 3 - NOV 7 - 2021 WESTERNER PARK, RED DEER, Alberta


2019 CFR Bull Fighters

2019 CFR Bull Fighter Brett Monea
2019 CFR Bull Fighter Scott Waye
2019 CFR Bull Fighter Ty Prescott

2019 CFR Timers

2019 CFR Timer Brenda Vold
2019 CFR Timer Maxine Baird

2019 CFR Pickup Men

2019 CFR Pickup Men Gary Rempel
2019 CFR Pickup Men Tyler Kraft
2019 CFR Pickup Men

– ALTERNATE (on-call)

Jason Resch

2019 CFR Announcers

2019 CFR Announcer Brett Gardiner
2019 CFR Announcer Dave Poulsen

2019 CFR Rodeo Secretary

2019 CFR Rodeo Secretary Catherine Laycraft

2019 CFR Photographers

2019 CFR Arena Photographer Billie-Jean Duff
2019 CFR Arena Photographer Chantelle Bowman
2019 CFR Background Photographer Covy Moore

Welcome to Westerner Park!

Red Deer | Alberta

4847A 19 St, Red Deer, AB T4R 2N7

(403) 343-7800

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