NOV 3 - NOV 7 - 2021 WESTERNER PARK, RED DEER, Alberta


One of rodeo’s most popular events, the barrel race requires the rider and her horse to complete a cloverleaf pattern around three barrels. The time starts when the competitor crosses an electric beam of light (start / finish line) and the time is completed when she recrosses the line after completing the pattern. 

2021 Qualifiers

Bertina Olafson
Bradi Whiteside
Brooke Wills
Justine Elliott
Kirsty White
Lisa Zachoda
Lynette Brodoway
Mariah Mannering
Shayna Weir
Shelby Spielman
Tana Millard
Taylor Manning

Talented riders on fast, athletic horses that can blaze through the pattern while keeping all three barrels standing will be the most successful. A five second penalty is assessed for each barrel being tipped over, effectively knocking the rider out of the money.

Rule #1

Rider and horse must complete the cloverleaf pattern

Rule #2

5 second penalty for each tipped barrel

Welcome to Westerner Park!

Red Deer | Alberta

4847A 19 St, Red Deer, AB T4R 2N7

(403) 343-7800

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